Important Rules

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I just want to stress the rules in the course that I think deserve a little extra attention. This document is just a restatement of sections of Dr. Lovell's Rules for the course. If this document seems to conflict with his, assume his document is correct.

  • DO NOT CHEAT - I will be checking this very carefully. I will be looking within the section and between sections for copied code.

  • You MUST acknowledge any source from which you were helped and state the extent of that help. This includes books, papers, web stuff, people, etc. Any undocumented assistance that is discovered is CHEATING.

  • Reports are due at the beginning of class.

  • Do not leave any work in my mail box or with the office staff. If you must get files to me, use WinZip and email them to me as a MIME attachment (I cannot always decode BinHex or UUEncoded files).

  • Copy all files with the /v to ensure that I will be able to read your diskette. If I cannot read your disk, you didn't turn the project in.

  • Use TASM in the lab, I will check to make sure I can compile your files and produce the exact binary file. Please provide a MakeMe.BAT file or README.TXT file so I can repeat what you did to compile your code.

  • If in doubt - print it, I probably want to read it.

  • A report with unreadable or no documentation will NOT be graded.

  • Delete all files from the hard drive when you leave the lab - you are responsible for protecting your code from being stolen

  • Do not change the requirements of a project, substitutions are not accepted, extensions may be worth extra credit - check with me first