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CSE240 Lecture Notes - Spring 1999

Barry E. Mapen

Lecture: Monday and Wednesday 3-5p in UTEB-175

Office Hours: Friday 2-3p in UTEB-170

Welcome to my CSE240 Lecture Notes. I hope you will find the following files helpful as you start working through this course. If you find any errors, inconsistencies, or vague areas, please email me. Before you start looking at my documents, I think you will find it very helpful to read most of chapter 2. Please note that these notes do not follow exactly what we covered in class, but are here to provide additional explanation of material that may not have been as lucid as it could have been. In other words, this is NOT a substitute for attending class. If you still have questions, please ask me or visit during my office hours.

  1. Getting Started

  2. Deliverables and Documentation Standards

  3. Batch Files

  4. The Hello World Example Collection

  5. Organization of Code and Data

  6. Resources

  7. Misc