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Teaching Assistant Evaluation
Fall 1998

TA Barry E. Mapen Course CSE208W Section 06

Part I: Please rate your teaching assistant in the following areas by checking the appropriate column. Skip any questions which are not appropriate.

1. Overall teaching ability---310
2. Presenting material in a clear and effective manner---58
3. Use of examples to illustrate material---310
4. Making work assignments and student responsibility clear---58
5. Grading fairly and impartially---211
6. Being accessible to students both in and out of class--1111
7. Showing an interest in and a concern for students---49
8. Use of quizzes to stress important aspects o the course--315
9. Returning of lab assignments in a timely fashion--229

Part II: Please check only those traits in which you found the performance of your teaching assistant to be particularly notable. This information will provide specific feedback to your teaching assistant.

-1. Is consistently late in starting or ending class
-2. Is consistently unprepared
23. Has illegible handwriting
114. Is friendly toward students
115. Encourages student questions or comments
-6. Is patronizing, talks down to students
-7. Maintains an attitude of "I am always right"
-8. Display favoritism toward certain students
119. Speaks clearly and effectively
-10. Is difficult to understand (mumbles, accent, inaudible)
-11. Responds to questions in a vague and confusing manner
-12. Displays prejudice on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, religion, etc.
1013. Uses class time effectively
1014. Stimulates curiosity
815. Presents interesting lectures, is stimulating
1116. Displays enthusiasm
-17. Does not cover material in depth, too superficial
818. Relates course to real life situations
119. Presents too much detail or trivia
1020. Stresses important points
221. Presents material at too fast a pace
-22. Present material at too slow a pace
-23. Does not provide enough feedback or comments on lab assignments
1124. Answers questions completely
1025. Explains what is expected on lab assignments
-26. Is slow in returning graded work
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