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The following is a supplemental page for the CSE-240 course I was a TA for. The syllabus for the course is somewhat undefined and left mostly to the individual TAs. The course consists of five projects that stress a variety of topics. The projects are handed to the TAs the period before the students receive them. What I did for my students was to create these pages so they would have an example to work from. I believe it is important for the facilitator to provide examples that the student can dive into and have quick success (at least seeing that it is possible to get some of this code working). From there, the student should be required to do a great deal of design work and extension beyond to produce a final product. This page was created over the course of the semester and topics were grouped by as the semester progressed - this is not in the order it was taught. If I ever have the opportunity to TA this course again, I will be putting together a more solid syllabus with a rough timeline on it. Again, the links will not work from here. To find the "live" page please go here

CSE240 Lecture Notes

Barry E. Mapen
Lecture: Monday and Wednesday 3-5p in UTEB-175
Office Hours: Friday 2-3p in UTEB-170

Welcome to my CSE240 Lecture Notes. I hope you will find the following files helpful as you start working through this course. If you find any errors, inconsistencies, or vague areas, please email me. Before you start looking at my documents, I think you will find it very helpful to read most of chapter 2. Please note that these notes do not follow exactly what we covered in class, but are here to provide additional explaination of material that may not have been as lucid as it could have been. In otherwords, this is NOT a substitute for attending class. If you still have questions, please ask me or visit during my office hours.

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