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Documentation Standards - Inline

Far and away the most important comments you will be writing in assembly will be the in-line comments. As you work, you will need to let me know what you are doing since assembly code can quickly become cryptic. For example... the following block of code with the comments removed. Try to figure out what this is doing.

        call    strLen
        add     si, ax
        sub     si, 3 
        mov     bx, si
        mov     cx, ax
        dec     cx    
        dec     cx

        mov     al, [si]
        mov     [di], al
        inc     di      
        dec     si
        loop    ReversingLoop 

        mov     si, bx        

        mov     BYTE PTR [di], CR
        inc     di
        mov     BYTE PTR [di], LF        
        inc     di
        mov     BYTE PTR [di], 0

... any idea? Here is the same block of code with the comments added back in.

PURPOSE:            Reverses a string passed in
CALLED AS:          strRev (String1, String2)
                    DS:SI points to the string to reverse
                    ES:DI will contain the reversed string
                    It is assumed that DS:SI is ASCIIZ with
                    a LF, CR, 0 terminating it.
REMARKS:    #       

        call    strLen          ;ax will contain the length of string
        add     si, ax
        sub     si, 3           ;si now points to last "real" char
        mov     bx, si          ;keep a pointer to the EndOfString
        mov     cx, ax          ;keep a copy of the length of string
        dec     cx              ;this is used by the loop instr below
        dec     cx

  ReversingLoop:                ;This will reverse characters only
        mov     al, [si]        ;copy source from end to start
        mov     [di], al        ;  into the destination from
        inc     di              ;    start to end
        dec     si
        loop    ReversingLoop   ;loops until cx = 0

        mov     si, bx          ;points to the last real char again

                                ;Add on a LF, CR, and NULL
        mov     BYTE PTR [di], CR
        inc     di
        mov     BYTE PTR [di], LF        
        inc     di
        mov     BYTE PTR [di], 0

Any idea what this block of code will do? As you may have guessed, it will reverse a string by copying the characters backwards. Assembly code by itself is not easy to read through - that is why it is critical that you comment your code well.

Last Modified: January 26, 1999 - Barry E. Mapen